Affective Spaces


The escalating regional and global conflicts present an opportunity to reconsider the cultural politics of emotions. Despite the multitude of emotions prevalent in the social fabric of our everyday life, their significance remains inadequately comprehended.

The purpose of this website is to showcase the most recent advancements in our interdisciplinary research and activities. We seek to understand how affect and emotion shape the dynamic landscape of contemporary cultural politics. We investigate why and how affect and emotion matter to media, culture, and society.

Our interdisciplinary research encompasses various topics, including social media platforms, digital labor, gender, nationalism, philosophical discourse, literature, youth culture, art, digital games, stardom, activism, body, China and East Asian identity. We contend that understanding the meaning of the contemporary world necessitates an appreciation of cultural feelings and emotional experiences.

This website is managed by Shih-Diing Liu, Professor of Communication at the University of Macau.