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The Political Life of Affective Spaces

China is saturated with complex emotions. Although emotions are constitutive in Chinese public culture, their implications are poorly understood. In…

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Jie Yang: Mental Health in China: Change, Tradition, and Therapeutic Governance

China's massive economic restructuring in recent decades has generated alarming incidences of mental disorder affecting over one hundred million…

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Jie Yang: Unknotting the Heart: Unemployment and Therapeutic Governance in China

Since the mid-1990s, as China has downsized and privatized its state-owned enterprises, severe unemployment has created a new class of urban poor and…

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Guangfeng Yuan: Power of Emotion: the Politics of Emotion in Public Life

This book explores emotions and their role in public life. It delves into the understanding of emotions within three traditions of public life…


Guangfeng Yuan(袁光锋)

Professor of Journalism and Communication, Nanjing University

Guangfeng Yuan studies emotion in public life, the politics of emotion in the age of…

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